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The mission of the Virginia Museum of Transportation—the Official Transportation Museum of the Commonwealth of Virginia—is to advance all modes of transportation across the Commonwealth, to celebrate and preserve the hard work and ingenuity of generations past, and to inspire current and future generations to value this industry which is essential to Virginia's history, culture, and economic growth.

In service to its visitors, the Virginia Museum of Transportation:

  • preserves and interprets historic assets of great importance to the Roanoke Valley, providing hands-on experiences with real artifacts,
  • records and retells Roanoke’s history and the stories of the accomplishments of men and women of all ranks in Virginia transportation history,
  • educates school children in a fun and historically authentic environment through SOL-based programming that teaches history and technology, and expands young imaginations, and
  • provides an affordable, educational, inspirational, and enjoyable visitor experience for every generation.